Hermantown Supermileage Team

The Hermantown Supermileage Team competed in the 32nd Annual Minnesota Technology and Engineering Educators Association (MTEEA) Supermileage Competition May 10-11 at the Brainerd International Raceway. The team logged 45 miles of track during the two-day event and averaged 119.63 mpg, with a top run of 132.7 mpg. Their efforts made the Hawks the top mpg-average team in Hermantown history. 

Team Members: Bronson Hoglund, Gavin Cain, Rylan Hay, Mikey Graves, Nick Jacobson, Mason Kerr, Jacob Gange, Jack Gerth

About the Supermileage Challenge (courtesy of MTEEA.net)
The objective of the competition is to provide Career Technical Education students and MTEEA Clubs with a challenging project that allows practical experience in design, fabrication, and testing. This is exactly what the STANDARDS FOR TECHNOLOGICAL LITERACY from the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association are all about!

In an effort to increase support for and promotion of Technology Education, public awareness in the area of fuel economy and student involvement, MTEEA will hold the Supermileage Challenge, a fuel economy competition for technology students every spring. Competing students and clubs will be challenged to build a one-person, fuel-efficient vehicle powered by a single cylinder four-stroke cycle engine. The 32nd annual competition will feature vehicles competing in Stock, Modified, E-85, Urban Concept and Plug in Electric classes.