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Elks Senior Students of the Month

Jordyn Luomanen
Teachers describe Jordyn as one of the hardest working students they have ever encountered. She is a top student in Computer Science along with other content areas. Jordyn is intrinsically motivated to learn the material given to her. Her assignments are turned in with detailed answers which demonstrates the depth of her understanding. Jordyn is an enthusiastic learner, organized, self-sufficient and respectful. Her schedule includes six college-in-the-schools classes for her senior year. The fact that Jordyn is a virtual learner and is not at school in-person speaks volumes about her work ethic and willingness to communicate with her teachers.
Joseph Gigliotti
Joe is an excellent student, not only in terms of GPA, but with regards to attitude. He drives classroom discussion, is a model of positive behavior, optimism and maturity, and he is a leader amongst his peers. What's more, he seems to be well liked and respected by students in many different friend groups, and he is kind to all. Joe is enrolled in three college-in-the-schools classes as a senior and involved in Link Crew and National Honor Society. In extra-curriculars, he has been a great leader and mentor to our younger student athletes in our Cross Country and Track programs. Outside of school, Joe serves as a lifeguard at the YMCA.