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Elks Senior Students of the Month

Elks Students of the Month
Alexis Wiese
Alexis is kind and considerate.  She is also very respectful to teachers and does what is asked of her.  During school, she is taking five college in the schools classes her last semester!  She has also been involved in National Honor Society, Link Crew, and Civility Club.  After school, she has been a manager for the girls soccer team, the boys hockey team, and the boys lacrosse team.  Along with all of this, Alexis manages to work two part-time jobs as well!
Kadence Tinsley
Kadence is a bright, curious learner. His verbal and written responses to questions are thoughtful and articulate and on display as he finishes high school by taking three college in the schools classes in his schedule. He is definitely a leader in classroom discussions. Kadence is highly involved as a three sport athlete playing football, basketball, and lacrosse.  His basketball coach calls him "the type of player that every coach wants to have in their program."  He is dedicated, works hard, communicates well with his teammates, encourages them to be their best, and is willing to step up and do the hard things others won't.  When not participating in sports, Kadence holds a part-time job.
Elk's Senior Students of the Month
September: Makenzie Fedora, Kadin Graves
October: Jordyn Luomanen, Joseph Gigliotti
November: Alli Fairbanks, Jared Nelson
December: None
January: Alexis Wiese, Kadence Tinsley