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From the Superintendent - COVID-19 Update


Dear Parents,


I wanted to send an update letting you know that because our internal numbers have not changed, the regional health team did not schedule a meeting with us this week. The recommendation remains to stay in the hybrid learning model. The county and state numbers are rising, so we are watching carefully to see if COVID-19 is being transmitted here at school.  


In Governor Walz’s update with superintendents today, he really stressed that we started out with state numbers for restart guidelines, moved to county and then to regional numbers. At this time, we are looking at mostly Hermantown data. In other words, when making learning model decisions, we really focus on how many students and staff are positive and if COVID-19 is spreading in our schools. Thank you for keeping your children home when they have symptoms. As of right now, there has not been a single positive case from the close contacts at school that we sent home.  


I want students to have the opportunity to connect with teachers academically, even if it is only twice a week. We plan to stay in the hybrid learning model until we get a recommendation from the regional health team that we should change models or we get an outbreak in our schools. 


If we do have an outbreak, we will switch to distance learning for two weeks. My greatest fear is that I don’t know how much warning time I can provide if we need to change models. So please be thinking of a back-up plan in case we have to make that call.  


Stay 6 feet apart, wear masks and wash your hands - we got this!


A special thank you to our custodial staff who have been diligently cleaning and disinfecting behind the scenes. Their hard work is appreciated and I believe contributes to this virus not transmitting in school.


I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the outside this weekend!


Wayne Whitwam

Hermantown Superintendent