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From the Superintendent - Regional Health Team Meeting

Hermantown Parents,

Our regional health meeting was moved to Monday (today). Sorry - that caused me to take a little longer to get back to you.  


The regional health team feels that after looking at our data, and not seeing an "active unsafe situation" in our school, they are recommending we stay in the hybrid model. The county numbers are increasing, so we will meet again in a couple weeks.


At Hermantown, we do take the COVID-19 virus very seriously and have put many mitigation measures into place. The data shows that the students' efforts at wearing masks and physically distancing themselves have been working. Since school started we had 46 students and staff stay home as they were identified as a close contact at school.  None of those 46 individuals tested positive for COVID-19. This same type of data has been communicated from superintendents from four different counties in my weekly meetings. We believe the mitigation measures schools have in place are working. 


Please be diligent about wearing masks, avoiding social gatherings, distancing and staying home if you have any of the symptoms. We need to work together to keep our students in school.


Wayne Whitwam

Hermantown Superintendent