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2020-21 School Year Plan


Hermantown School District Restart Blueprint


Superintendent Wayne Whitwam announced that Hermantown Community Schools will 2020-21 School Plan adopt the hybrid early childhood through 12 base-learning model for the 2020-21 school year, as approved by the Hermantown School Board.


“We continue to assess the regional data we are given and the guidance provided from state and local health officials,” Whitwam said. “The Hermantown Community Schools will do everything we can to reasonably mitigate risks to our students, staff and our families, while providing every possible resource and opportunity to help your children be successful.”


Under the hybrid-learning model, EC-12 will have classes split into Group A and Group B. The schedule will be Monday distance learning for all, Group A will attend on Tuesday and Thursday and Group B will attend on Wednesday and Friday. At the elementary school, students will be provided assignments to support their learning on days in which they do not report in-person to school that could include printed instructional materials, virtual learning or a combination of both.


Hybrid groups will be generated by the district’s student management system, keeping households and neighborhoods together to the degree possible.


Additional information on the hybrid-learning model, as well as the in-person and distance-learning models, can be found in the Hermantown School District Restart Blueprint.