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Battle of the Books 2019

It's All Good . . . Battle of the Books


Battle of the Books Winners:  Reading Minions

in which book did a character describe the aroma of burgers like laughing gas in the dentist’s chair-it made everything else go away?”  


Eight teams of fifth graders leaned in toward each other, quietly and urgently collaborating to identify the book title and author on their team’s white board in 30 seconds.  


“10 seconds left… Boards up!  The correct answer is The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.”   


Just one year ago, these students walked from the elementary to the middle school to be in the audience, along with parents and grandparents, watching the excitement of the class above them compete in this Battle of the Books. This year, they became competitors, with a new batch of fourth graders watching with admiration.  


Students who signed up for Battle of the Books made a commitment to read at least 10 of 12 books, meet monthly reading deadlines, and learn to write questions similar to the ones asked of them in the competition. This event was the culmination of months of time and effort; it’s a celebration of readers having gone above and beyond the regular academic curriculum.  


Table judges displayed this same quality of exceeding expectations.  High school students (Natalie Arntson, Brady Baker, Thomas Borash, Maddy Foster, Langley Hayman, Dehli Heikes, Rico Rodriguez) from various athletic and extracurricular activities served as ambassadors of their respective programs to this competition. Battle of the Books is a unique opportunity for these two age groups to come together in a positive way!


There is much good that happens through this program: exposing fourth graders to the middle school in a fun way, inviting students to challenge themselves in the area of reading, and allowing high school students to mentor younger students.


Congratulations to all of our Battle of the Books participants, especially to “The Reading Minions,” this year’s victorious team consisting of Lexi Anderson, Kendell DeVlieger, Kylah Hall, Davia Klint, Avery Nash, Jocelyn Reed, and Susie Shetka.


A special thank you to Super One Foods and the Sweetnam family for donating the cookies and milk for the celebration after the Battle.