Please notify the school if you child is to be absent by calling 626-6100. We especially need to know if your child is absent with a contagious illness or nuisance condition (head lice, scabies, etc.). If your child should become ill at school, we will allow him/her to rest in the nurse's office. If no improvement is seen and/or your child has a fever, we will notify you using the telephone numbers your provided on the Census Verification form at the beginning of the year. Please keep the emergency contacts and phone numbers up-to-date. Notify school if there are any changes. You can email changes to skyllonen@isd700.org or call Sue at 626-6103.




    In the event of an absence, parents are asked to call the school’s attendance line or send an email prior to the absence. Call (218) 626–6200 or email cpetruga@isd700.org or dromano@isd700.org. Be prepared to give your child’s name, grade, reason and/or duration for the absence. The office will be calling home after a full day of absence if there has been no parent contact. If the parents do not call or email, the office will accept a written excuse on the day the student returns to school. If we do not hear from a parent/guardian within 48 hours of a student’s absence or tardy, it will be recorded as unexcused and cannot be changed to excused. Medical or orthodontist appointments can be considered exempt when documentation from the appointment is provided. This can be an appointment card or a note from the medical professional.




    Inform the school by telephone by calling 218-626-6300 and/or send a note of the reason for any student absence on the day of the absence and/or within 24 hours of the absence. Provide the student with a note explaining the reason for the excused absence. The student is expected to bring thisd note to the secretary in the Main Office by 8:00 A.M. on the morning of his/her return to school. Request in writing, at least two weeks in advance, permission for an extended excused absence of three or more days. Notes must include pertinent dates and a statement of purpose. Only the principal may grant permission for an excused extended absence.