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    Budget Process

    The goal of the District’s budget is to produce the best fiscally sound educational program to enhance student achievement. The annual budget is a compilation of all the services to provide an education for the school year, starting July 1 and ending June 30. Each year the School Board must adopt the annual budget before the start of that fiscal year.
    The District’s budget development consists of four phases:

    The finance department develops estimates to utilize for the budget projection. An initial projection will be created, using these estimates, and presented to the Board at a budget meeting by the end of January. The Board will review estimates and assumptions recommended and will revise, if appropriate. The finance department makes the revisions and finalizes the preliminary projection. The Board will use the information to establish the target for the budget adjustments required for the next fiscal year.

    The full Administrative Council Team will meet to discuss potential adjustments and prepare a list of budget adjustments necessary to meet the target. The Superintendent will present this consolidated list to the Board at a budget meeting, along with each department affected by the budget adjustments. The departments will present the impact their adjustments have on their program. The Board will review the list of budget adjustments presented and approve the list of budget adjustments for upcoming fiscal year at the regular board meeting. The Superintendent then will prepare the resolution for the staffing adjustments for the next year, if necessary and make the recommendation to the Board for their approval at a regular board meeting.

    The finance department prepares the adopted budget based on preliminary projection and the budget adjustments approved. The Board approves the adopted budget before the start of the next fiscal year at a regular board meeting.

    Each department is able to monitor their budget through the use of the District’s accounting software. If the department head recognizes a need to adjust their budget, they should contact the Finance Department to discuss a reallocation of funds. The finance department will provide the Superintendent and departments a summary of the budget to actual performance each May. A final budget to actual summary report will be provided to the Superintendent after the close of the fiscal year.

    If there is a need for a mid-year adjustment, the department head must submit a detailed request in writing to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will then make a determination if the request should be presented to the Board at a budget meeting for consideration. If the request is granted, the Board would approve the request at a regular board meeting.

    Budget Timeline

    • School Board certifies tax levy
    • Administration starts discussion on next year’s budget
    • Finance department submits budget estimates and assumptions to School Board
    • School Board approves resolution regarding potential budget adjustments
    • School Board sets a budget goal by approving estimates and assumptions
    • The Administrative Council Team prepares the budget adjustment priorities
    • Superintendent presents the budget adjustment priorities to the School Board
    • Principals/Departments present to the School Board how the budget adjustment priorities impact programs
    • School Board approves final list of budget adjustments
    • School Board passes resolutions/motions, if necessary, related to final budget adjustments
    • School Board approves next year’s Adopted Budget