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2020-21 Fall Parents Meeting Video

  • This fall due to COVID restrictions we are asking parents of athletes in grades 7-12 to watch the Fall Parent Meeting via WeVideo (See link below).

    Please watch the WeVideo which will cover some new things like the spectator guidelines, COVID-19 notice, approved fall sports, and transportation information.

    After viewing the WeVideo please complete the Parent Acknowledgement Form , acknowledging that you have viewed the Fall Parent Meeting video.

Mission Statement

  • The Minnesota State High School League provides educational opportunities for students through interscholastic ahtletic and fine arts programs and provides leadership and support for member schools.


    We believe that...

    • Participation in school activity programs is a privilege and not a right.
    • Sportsmanship needs to have a constant presence in all school-based activity programs.
    • Students should have an equal opportunity to participate in all activities offered by their school.
    • Ethical behavior, dignity, and respect are non-negotiable.
    • Student participants who choose to be chemically free must be supported.
    • Collaborative relationships with parents enhance a school's opportunity to positively impact student success.
    • Academic priorities must come before participation in athletic or fine arts activities.
    • Positive role models and an active involvement in a student's life by parents and others are critical to student success.
    • High school activity programs are designed for student participants, and adults must serve in a supportive role.
    • The success of the team is more important than individual honors.
    • Compliance with school, community and Minnesota State High School League rules is essential for all activity participants.
    • Participation in school sponsored activities must be inclusive, not exclusive.
    • Ethical behavior, fairness, and embracing diversity best serve students and school communities.