• 2017-18

    The following classes listed on student report cards and transcripts are College-in- the-Schools classes:

    University of Minnesota–Duluth (Duluth, MN)

      - CIS Composition is Writing 1120-College Writing—3 college credits
      - CIS Literature is English 1907-Intro to Literature—3 college credits
      - CIS Calculus is Math 1296-Calculus I—5 college credits
      - CIS World History I is History 1208-Europe in the Modern Age —4 college credits
      - CIS Sociology is Sociology 1101-Introduction to Sociology—4 college credits

    Lake Superior College (Duluth, MN)

      - CIS Anatomy & Physiology is Biology 1140-Human Anatomy and Physiology
          4 college credits and Biology 1005-Cell Biology—1 college credit
      - CIS Chemistry is Chemistry 1210 General Chemistry I—5 college credits
      - CIS Physics is Physics 1201-Introduction to Physics—5 college credits
      - CIS Pre-Calculus is Math 1150-Pre- Calculus—5 college credits
      - CIS Psychology is Psychology 1120-General Psychology—3 college credits
          Accounting I is Accounting 1410-Financial Accounting Principles—3 college credits
          Investing in Your Financial Future is Accounting 1500-Personal Finance — 3 college credits