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  • For the 2020 - 2021 Academic Year, by Board Resolution, the following grade levels are closed to open enrollment (as of Feb. 24, 2020):

    • Kindergarten
    • First
    • Second
    • Third
    • Fourth
    • Fifth
    • Sixth
    • Ninth
    • Tenth
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Hermantown Community Schools Student Registration Process:

  • In order for a student to begin their first day of school in the Hermantown School District, the following policy related to registration procedures must be followed and verified. 

    1. Contact Julie Borgeson to set up an appointment
    2. Please bring the following required documents to the Administration Office when you come for your appointment:


    1.  VERIFICATION OF RESIDENCY: (Please choose one - most applicable)
    • Property Tax statement, stating that parent with whom student is living is homesteading at the address given.  (A business address does not qualify for resident status.)
    • Signed statement from landlord or copy of signed lease if renting.
    • Purchase agreement with bank or contractor financing the home.
    • If residing in housing provided by the Federal Corrections facility, the identified official with authority will provide a letter on their stationery, verifying residency.

    • A legal birth certificate originates at the county court house of the city in which your child was born.
    • A current passport may be presented in lieu of a birth certificate.

    1. OPEN ENROLLMENT FORM (printable)
    • The parent/guardian will be required to verify information to complete the Census Data Form at the Administration Office.
    • The parent/guardian must bring a completed Open Enrollment Form to their appointment. 
    • Upon completion of this form, the parent/guardian will conclude the enrollment process at the school site office (Elementary School, Middle School, High School). 


    *Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated and determined at the discretion of the Superintendent.