Hermantown Community EducationOffice
4289 Ugstad Road
Hermantown, MN 55810


Hermantown - Proctor Community Education

Anne Larson

Program & Facilities Coordinator

729-7661, 729-6690 x 1307


Proctor Community Education Office
131 Ninth Avenue
Proctor, MN 55810

628-4928 x1028


Programming for Adults - Health & Safety, Fitness, Enrichment and Special Events.

Hermantown Spotlight 700


Proctor Rail Review 704


Programming for Students - Health & Safety Fitness, Enrichment and Swimming Lessons.




Register for classes with Online Registration by going to site www.hpcommunityed.org

Registration can also be done through registration forms in Spotlight 700 and Rail Review 704.

Hermantown Spotlight 700 and Proctor Rail Review 704

are publications of the combined Community Education program of Hermantown Independent School District #700 and Proctor Independent School District #704.

They announce Community Ed classes, report news from the school, promote family and community developments in education. The Spotlight 700 and Rail Review 704

are distributed through the mail to all district residents. Information may be submitted to the Community Education offices in the Hermantown Middle School or the Proctor High School or by contacting the editor.

Building and Facility Use Requests - Please call 729-7661 for use of Hermantown High School, Middle School and Elementary School.