Special Education



In Hermantown, we strive to support all students with disabilities in their progress to become successful, independent community members. In keeping with the district ideal of "All Will Learn Well and Succeed", we believe that communication and information is the key to success in this journey. We hope that you find the information and links included here to be helpful.

Hermantown Community Schools is a member of the Northern Lights Special Education Cooperative. In addition to our district special education staff members, there are several therapists and support staff who, through the NLSEC, provide related services to our students with disabilities from birth to high school graduation. All of the NLSEC staff members can be reached at 218-879-1283. The NLSEC staff directory can be reached here.

Occupational Therapists:

  • Birth-2 years - Patti Gerard
  • 3-21 years - Laura Kleffman

Physical Therapists:

  • Joanne Carland
  • Katie Moench

Teacher for students with Vision Impairments:

  • Evie Pemrick

Teacher for students with Hearing impairments:

  • Melissa Buck

Teacher for students with Physical Impairments: 

  • Jodie Forrey

Consultant for students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder:

  • Jill Pring

Our Hermantown Staff Members can be found at:

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Paraprofessional Handbooks/Manuals

Click here for Paraprofessional Manual: Elementary School

Click here for Paraprofessional Handbook: Middle School

Click here for Paraprofessional Manual: High School



Click here for the  Paraprofessional Mini-Training Questionnaire for Substitutes

Paraprofessional Handbook for Paraprofessional Mini-Training Questionnaire